Come As A Patient, Leave As A Friend

Physical Therapy – (PT)

One of the first things a patient must be able to do is get out bed without falling down. Then, the patient needs to get to where he/she is going – the bathroom, the kitchen, or to watch TV. We don’t realize how complicated these simple actions can be until we can no longer perform them.

Physical Therapy is the process of re-educating muscles and mental coordination to make it possible to move around the house safely.A simple action like getting


up from a chair and pivoting to answer the doorbell may take hours of practice.

therapist with several patients

Physical Therapy requires the patient to perform exercises designed to increase strength, balance, stamina, and coordination.

A major goal of Physical Therapy is the prevention of falls once the patient returns home. Sometimes this means teaching the patient what they should not do, like bending over and standing up too quick.



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