Come As A Patient, Leave As A Friend

Who We Are

We are dedicated professionals working in a small, intimate setting focused on only one thing: rehabilitation. This means our staff carries a smaller patient load, spends more time with each patient, and takes the time to do the little extra things that make a big difference. After all, patients spend about 2 weeks with us; we get to know each other by first names, and we all work together.

Rehabilitation is a process of therapy interventions supervised by a specialized physician called a Physiatrist. This medical specialty is focused on patients whose functional abilities – dressing, bathing, walking, and grooming, for instance – have been impaired through accident, injury, or illness.

A Physiatrist supervises a staff of therapists: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social workers, who help patients learn to overcome their impairments.

Physiatrists also treat medical conditions that might affect a patient’s ability to participate in therapy. Diabetic, cardiac, and respiratory conditions are typical medical issues treated in a rehabilitation setting.


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