We Rehabilitate Lives!

We are dedicated professionals working in a small intimate setting focused on only one thing: Rehabilitation. We rehabilitate lives! This means our staff carries a smaller patient load, spends more time with each patient, and takes the time to do the little extra things that make a big difference. After all, patients spend about 2 weeks with us; we get to know each other by first names, and we all work together.

Rehabilitation is a process of therapy interventions supervised by a specialized physician called a Physiatrist. This medical specialty is focused on patients whose functional abilities- dressing, bathing, walking, and grooming, for instance- have been impaired through accident, injury, or illness. “Activities of Daily Living” are the foundation of every patient’s successful outcome in rehab.

A Physiatrist supervises a staff of therapist: Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and medical Social Workers, who help patients learn to overcome their impairments.

Physiatrists also treat medical conditions that might affect a patient’s ability to participate in therapy. Diabetic, cardiac, and respiratory conditions are typical medical issues treated in a rehabilitation setting. We are about embracing possibilities where your rehabilitation is concerned!

What We Do

Interdisciplinary Team Care – is the official medical terminology for the treatment we provide. That means several people work together to restore lost abilities. Each person on the team is a “discipline”.

Physiatrist – The Medical Doctor who provides daily medical supervision of each patient and the treatment team.

Physical Therapy – Physical Therapists are specialized in the improvement of mobility and balance, including the ability to transfer between bed and chair, and bath and toilet.

Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapists are focused on the “Activities of Daily Living” most of us take for granted until we can no longer perform them. Such activities include: getting dressed, eating, bathing and grooming.

Speech Therapy – Speech Therapists treat communication problems, swallowing dysfunction, problem solving, and cognitive skill re-building.

Medical Social Worker – Social Workers help solve the social needs of the patient and family during a course of treatment and after discharge.

Rehabilitation Nursing – Rehabilitation Nurses provide 24/7 care including medication management, pain management, and daily assessment of physical condition.

Our Value

Integrity – maintaining the highest standard of behaviors. Encompassing honesty, ethics, and doing the right thing for the right reasons.
Vision – the ability and willingness to look forward to the future and make decisions necessary to accomplish important goals.
Innovation – capable of extraordinary creativity and willing to explore new approaches to improve quality in all we do.
Superior Service – Committed to providing excellent service and compassionate care
Stewardship – dedicated to responsible stewardship of United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital’s assets and financial resources.
Teamwork – An abiding respect for others, and sustaining commitment to work together


The staff at United Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals
are always available to answer any questions you have.

Please call us at 225-450-2775 or click here to contact us with any questions.


Conditions We Treat

United Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals offer expertise in many rehabilitation programs and treatments designed to meet the needs of specific conditions. Our goal is to restore and strengthen patients so they can return to their highest level of independence.


  • Amputation
  • Arthritis
  • Brain Injury
  • Hip Fractures
  • Joint Replacement
  • Multiple Trauma
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Other Orthopedic Injuries/Conditions
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Stroke