Pricing Transparency

Effective January 1, 2021, all hospitals will be required to create and maintain a public list of their standard charges in order to comply with the new hospital price transparency requirements under section 2718(e) of the Public Health Service Act. These regulations are part of CMS’ Price Transparency initiative aimed to make pricing information available to patients. Note the standard charges provided may not accurately reflect what any given individual is likely to pay for a particular service as this will be dependent upon your insurance coverage and the terms of the insurance plan.

Note that some services may be provided in our hospital by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient and that provider may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as our hospital.

Health insurance is complicated. We are here to help.

  •  We know you are going to have questions about the costs related to hospital treatment. We want to provide information that helps you plan ahead.
  •  We recognize some people are facing higher out-of-pocket costs than they used to. We also know different plans have different cost-sharing amounts.
  •  While insurance is complicated, our commitment is simple – we want to help.

You deserve the best possible information about what you should expect to pay.

  •  You should have meaningful information about your options for medical treatment and what your out-of-pocket cost will likely be.
  •  Your health plan is a key partner in any discussion about your expected costs because these costs depend on features of your plan, where you are in your deducible and what type of cost-sharing you have for a particular procedure.
  •  It is likely that cost estimates may only be available for so-called “shoppable” services. These estimates could also change as the course of treatment changes.
  •  Additionally, estimates are impossible in emergencies because it is hard to predict at the onset of an emergency the exact course of care that a patient will need.

You may be aware that the government has required that hospitals post additional information on the rates they negotiate with health plans. We urge caution when looking at this data.

  • There are many factors that determine the final amount that will be paid from a health plan to a provider. There is no way to capture all of those factors in a single set of number, For example:
    • Rates may change depending on how sick a patients turns out to be.
    • Rates may also change depending on whether patients are receiving multiple services at once, or whether the doctor learns something new about a patient’s condition while providing care.
    • The plan may not cover the service at all, or may impose conditions on coverage.
  • We urge you to contact us for a more accurate estimate of what you may need to pay for your care.

CMS Price Transparency File


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United Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals offer expertise in many rehabilitation programs and treatments designed to meet the needs of specific conditions. Our goal is to restore and strengthen patients so they can return to their highest level of independence.


  • Amputation
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